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4 Common Residential Uses for a Skip Bin

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Skip bins have proven to be the most preferred option when it comes to commercial or domestic garbage disposal. Skip bins come in a variety of sizes, meaning you as a residential or commercial property owner will have a skip bin that suits your needs. Below are different uses of a skip bin as your preferred garbage disposal solution.

1. Dispose Household Waste

Skip bins come in different sizes to accommodate different users. As a homeowner, you need to dispose off trash at a convenient place as you wait for your garbage collector to make their weekly rounds. 

Mini skip bins offer you the opportunity to have a safe and acceptable manner to store your accumulating household garbage outside your premise. This means that garbage collectors don't have to knock at your door while collecting trash.

Also, normal household waste is usually composed of edible products, which tend to decompose and produce all manner of gases and secretes bad smells over time. By using mini skip bins, you don't have to deal with any of these odours or secretes within your house.

2. Dispose Garden Waste

If you have a garden or a yard, waste from maintenance and upkeep is usually too much to use a normal bin. Skip bins provide the perfect solution to dispose of your waste, as you wait for your garbage company to come pick them up. 

Mini skips may be used for small gardens to dispose of dead leaves, twigs, small branches, and grass cuttings. However, for larger gardens, bulk bins are advisable, as they are able to handle bulky items such as logs.

3. Deal with Wastes After Home Renovations

During house renovations, you have to bring down the existing features to give room to new exciting parts. If it's your kitchen, you have to bring down your old tiles, old cabinets, sinks and paint cover, creating a huge amount of waste. 

By hiring a skip bin, you'll be able to select one that is large enough to fit all these wastes, helping you to maintain a clean environment for your neighbours, as you comfortable go on with your renovations.

4. Effectively Deal with Recyclable Goods

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, hire a skip bin. All-weather skip bins can act as storage areas for plastic wastes and paper bags. Once filled up, they can be taken to recycling plants for processing.

Skip bins are a convenient way of disposing of residential waste. No matter the sizes of your waste, there's a skip bin designed to suit your specifications.