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Tips for Getting Yard Waste Ready for Collection

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Have you been doing some landscape maintenance work on your first residential property? Read on and learn some helpful tips that will enable you to prepare that yard waste for collection by a provider of rubbish removal services.

Leave Containers Open 

You can use metal or plastic containers for that yard waste. It is advisable to leave the containers open once you pile the yard waste into those containers. This tip is important because yard waste can quickly decompose and generate a foul odour when it is kept in a covered container. Leaving the container open allows that waste to be dried by the air that is circulating through it until the collectors come to take it away.

Watch the Waste Dimensions

Different rubbish removal companies usually have guidelines about the maximum allowable length or weight of each piece of yard waste, such as tree branches. Those guidelines help to ensure that any yard waste that is left for collection will be easy to move into the garbage collection vehicles. It is therefore wise for you to ascertain what the recommended dimensions are so that you prepare your yard waste accordingly. In this way, you will avoid any possible surcharges that may be levied for waste that exceeds the set dimensions.

Separate the Waste

It is usually better to keep different kinds of yard waste separate from each other. For example, you should keep shrubs and tree branches separate from the tree leaves and grass. This separation of the waste will make it easy for the rubbish collection company to use the most cost-effective method to take that waste. For example, they can use a vacuum machine to pick the leaves quickly instead of having employees to carry them manually. Mechanisation can result in lower costs for waste removal from your property.

Ask for a Truck

Are you anticipating a huge volume of yard waste from your project? Contact rubbish removal companies and ask them to leave a truck in your yard overnight. This step will save you from having to package the waste in different containers that you then have to carry to the curb for collection. Instead, you place the waste directly into the truck as you work. The rubbish collection company can then drive the waste away the next day.

The tips above will ensure that the yard waste is removed from your property without any hassles. It is also helpful for you to talk to the rubbish removal company so that they can give you any additional suggestions that can enable you to get that waste ready for removal in the easiest way possible.